Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Practical joke or Sabatoge?

One of my co-workers pointing this out to me and I think it is pretty funny. If you type in the following address on the internet www.aishisrael.com look what pops up. Is this a practical joke or did someone seriously do this? Whats your opinion? Will Aish sue the person responsible for this and try to get the domain name or will they let it slide? Who knows. Like i said I think it is funny since we are all Jews and the joke is on us.


DixieYid said...

I think Aish would definitely have a case for trademark infringement. I'm taking intellectual property right now, and it's cut-and-dry when someone registers a domain name like gap.com, macys.com, or walmart.com. That's called cyber-squatting and the court will grant injunctive relief and take away the domain name which would mislead customers as to the origin or affiliation of the site located at that domain name. However, here, I think the only case chabad.org can make is that aishisrael is different from Aish Hatorah. I think that there's greater than a 50% chance that a jury could find aish israel as infringing though. Hasagas Gevul?

-Dixie Yid

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frumsatire said...

As an internet marketing guy I will tell you exactly what it is- a domain auctioing is a huge business- this site obviously see lots of traffic and someone decided to buy it- by you linking to it the price has gone up.

When I tried to buy my domain name it was parked as they call it at one of these sites- I couldnt get it bec it cost too much- probably had a few hundred hits a day.

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geva@israel said...

i just get that there is not ishur shel internet.it seemw this link is not appropriative anymore.

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