Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After I became more religious, I started to become involved with many Orthodox run organizations. The one question I have about orthodox organizations is why are they so disorganized? After being involved with Conservative and secular organizations become involved with orthodox ones was a complete shock. One example I would like to give is my experience with Youth Programs. When I was in High School I went on a Conservative program to Israel called USY Pilgrimage. I had a great time on this program. The staff was well informed of everything going on at all times, as well as programming always going according to schedule. I had a great time that summer as a camper and would highly recommend USY Pilgrimage to anyone who is affiliated with Conservative Judaism or would have no problem going on a Conservative program. A few years later, as a college student, I decided to staff a similar summer program which was in America. From day one this summer was a disaster. As a staff member, I was never informed of the schedule, there was no one to ask questions to and to top it off there was never enough food for the staff after all the campers took. On USY tours, during the year hotels are visited before they are booked for the summer programs to make sure they are in good locations and to make sure they are nice. On this orthodox program, the hotels were never checked beforehand, and the hotels were never near anyplace we needed to go. The most ridiculous part of this was that we zig-zagged across California instead of starting in the North and working our way south or vice versa. After this summer I compiled a letter detailing all the problems of the summer to bring to the head of this organization. Very little was done to solve these problems and as a result, I will not participate in any Orthodox run youth group because I don't want to be affiliated or responsible for what goes on. Another example I would like to give is the Orthodox Yeshiva. My wife was teaching at an Othodox Yeshiva and after the first few paychecks, there was a sign posted that the paychecks are going to be delayed. My question is why can they do this? Isn't it against halacha to withhold someone's paycheck? Before opening a Yeshiva shouldn't you be aware of the costs of running it? My wife has worked in a Conservative Shul and they never missed a paycheck. I have also worked for a Conservative Shul and never missed a paycheck. Do orthodox people not know what it means to be organized? One last example is when I bought my apartment, I used an Orthodox run Mortgage company, and the Banks lawyer showed up an hour late! I can go on and on about experiences I have has with Orthodox run groups but I am not going to do that since my intent is not to insult Orthodox people. I am just looking for an answer to why this goes on and how Rabbis allow this to go on.


Anonymous said...

"The one question I have about orthodox organizations is why are they so disorganized?"

Hi, I found your blog via Ezzie at SerandEz. Go to my blog, read through some of my archives and recet posts. I was frum from birth but became a Jewish Federation professional. I know exactly what you are talking about and I write about it frequently with my own views on the matter.

FrumWithQuestions said...

Can you give me a link of the articles you have? I could not find them on your blog. Thanks

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