Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Frum With Questoins Starts Now

After reading blogs for a while and because my wife has two, I decided to finally get into the blogging life by creating my own. The reason why this blog is called Frum With Questions is because that is who I am. Growing up in a non religious conservative household I grew up going to a conservative shul and going to their Hebrew school until my Bar Mitzvah. When I was in high school, I became active in USY and NCSY which led me and my parents to attend shul more often. Eventually towards the end of high school and when i went off the college, I became a complete Torah observant jew. Now that I have becaome a Torah observant Jew, I see many things that I question. Because I learned everything later in life, it is easy for me to learn and practice what I learn. After i learn things i see the overall people in the Torah Observant community do not follow these things. Because of this I have questions and that is what this blog is about.


Anonymous said...

To quote Barry Farber, "keep asking questions".

longge said...

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