Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tisha Bav

This Tisha Bav is going to be a very meaningful one. Many Rabbonim across the world have been saying that we are in the midst of the final Geula. Is this Tisha Bav going to be the last? Will we make it to Tisha Bav. Moshiach can come at any moment now. Because of that we should all be taking time out to reflect, learn and do teshuva. If we do not do these things it is possible that the Moshiach will only come after major destruction Chas V'shalom. With this in mind, I have an important question. Why has it become mainstream the past couple of years for shuls to show movies on Tisha Bav. Wouldn't it be better for people to attend a shiur or learn extra. Does sitting in front of a film for however long the film is help you have a meaningful and reflective Tisha Bav. If someone does not go to the movies during the year, why do they go to a public viewing of a film on Tisha Bav. Of all times during the year to see a film, is this the right time? Some people watch Holocaust Films, some watch Chofetz Chaim videos as well as Aish videos and whoever else has videos. Maybe I don't understand. I have never been to any of these viewings so I am not sure what goes on there. If people would spend that time reading a translation of the Kinos or Eicha with commentary would one accomplish more? I am not sure which is the best way to observe Tisha Bav and I only ask these questions because I feel we do not observe it properly and we do not understand or feel what the day is really about.


Anonymous said...

People seem to have shorter attention spans these days. They are used to being stimulated electronically rather than by simple reading.

Maybe we need someone to make a movie on the churban habayis. Like a reenactment. (lihavdil !) Like what Mel Gibson did in his religion.

FrumWithQuestions said...

People have shorter attention spans because of TV. As medical studies have labeled it "Sesame Street Syndrome". I wonder if the people living in the Charedi community who have never seen a TV have this same shorter attention span problem.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Amen very nice thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It's not only due to tv - also cell phones, computers and other aspects of modern life. Many Haredim have cell phones.

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