Saturday, September 16, 2006

DWO Part 2

While going through the weekend addition of the English Hamodia this Shabbos there was an interesting article which I thought should be brought to the attention of anyone who reads my blog. The article can be found in the HAlacha and Hashkafah section by Rabbi Viener and is titles Parking Like a Mentsch.

In my previous post, I spoke about Orthodox not knowing how to drive properly. This article talks about how Orthodox do not how to park properly. Rabbi Viener gives an explanation if you are halachicly allowed to have someones car towed if they are parked and blocking your driveway. In my neighborhood there aren't too many driveways so I am assuming this Rabbi is talking about Brookln or another area where this occurs frequently. The one observation I do have is that whenever someone is in a rush to go to minyan, the will ignore parking rules or park in a bad way. One thing i did notice was a sign in a local yeshiva about the yeshivas neighbors complaining that their driveways were being blocked by people from the yeshiva.

Why does there have to be an article in the newspaper about this issue? Why does the Yeshiva have to post a sign? If you are in a rush for minyan do you think Hashem is going to answer you prayers in that minyan if you are possibly preventing someone else from going by blocking there car? Where is the derech eretz?? Tonight we start selichos and we need to reflect on how we can really do teshuva in a way that will affect ourselves as well as others.


Anonymous said...

How about the people who are talking on cell phones while driving ?

FrumWithQuestions said...

Some people can be good drivers and talk on the cell phone at the same time. To be honest, I don't think there is a difference between talking on the phone and listening or changing a radio station. All of the above are distractions and it depends upon each driver on whether or not these things should be done.

Sara with NO H said...

teshuvah for blocking a driveway? I agree it's pretty lame but don't be so melodramatic. If someone was really upset they'd have the car towed. And in brooklyn you need signs for everything. I think you're right people should act more like mentches and less selfish but just liek you wonder why it merited a post in the paper, you took the time to post it here. :)

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