Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Part 2

The Legacy of Shlomo Carlebach is one that makes an impression on anyone who is Jewish in this world and many non-Jews as well. Reb Shlomo's Yartzeit is being comemorated by people this whole week and is going to conclude with a convention in New York. This post can be found on :

3rd INTERNATIONAL CARLEBACH CONFERENCE 3rd INTERNATIONAL CARLEBACH CONFERENCE OUTREACH thru INREACH - EVERYONE DESERVES to have their soul fired up! SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Registration begins 9:30am Program begins 10:00am - 5:00 pm at tThe JCC in Manhattan - 344 Amsterdam Ave and 76th, NYC Presenters include: Rabbi David Aaron, Rabbi Ephriam Buchwald, Rabbi Naftali Citron, Rabbi Nehemia Polen, Melinda "Mindy" Ribner, Rabbi Nossen and Channah Schafer, Rabbi Avraham Arieh & Rachel Trugman, Maureen Kushner, Rabbi Shmuel Stauber, Hella Winston and more!! For FULL PROGRAM and To REGISTER and visit online discount by 11/6

Unfortunately I have a big problem with this conference and what it stands for. The past couple of years, Reb Shlomo has been commercialized as seen by this convention. The Motsai Shabbos concert is the following :
Yahrzeit Tribute ConcertĂ‚“Shlomo Carlebach Music for the SoulĂ‚”Performers include (subject to change): Yisroel Williger, Shloime Dachs, Yossi Piamenta, Mendy Wald, Yehuda Green, Heshy Broyde, Rocky Zweig and The Holy Beggars Band.

If you are a stereo-typical Brooklyn Yeshivish music listener, this would be a great lineup but for a Carlebach fan this is a complete joke. I am not sure about Heshy Broyde and Yehuda Green but Rocky Zweig and maybe Piamenta are the only ones that have anything to do with Reb Shlomo. Whats even a bigger joke is the fact that the other three singing are possible names in the following lawsuit about people stealing Reb Shlomo's music. What bothers me so much is the fact that people like Yisrael Williger are part of the group thadespiseded Reb Shlomo when he was alive. Now that he passed away and these people realize they can make money off of him they love him all of a sudden? These people make me so sick. What makes me even sicker is this post here by Rubin where MBD clearly knows he is stealing and doesn't care and then comes on Mendy Walds new CD a whole thing about stealing. Reb Shlomo had a big problem with these people when he was alive and now that he is not these people think they can take advantage because no one is going to stop them until Neshama starting her lawsuits and posting this on her families webpage.

If you open any of the CDS of these people stealing his music and making money off of it, you never see any thanks to Reb Shlomo or anything about donating money to his foundation. In Israel, the Carlebach memorial and Yarzteit concerts arcompromiseded of people who really had a connection to him and are not trying to use his niggunim to make themselves popular because they can't sell albums or concert tickets any other way. The fact that Sruli Williger goes around leading "Carlebach" shabbatons makes me sick. The so called Teaneck Carlebach group hires these same clowns to do things for them as well. How come the real Chevraren'tnt taking over in America to teach Shlomo Torah, stories, and Niggunim the way they are supposed to be taught? How come Noah Solomon, or Yehuda Solomon are not involved in this concert? How about Rabbi Moshe Shur or Oneg Shemesh even the guys of Pey Daled or Avraham Rosenblum?
If someone could explain to me why this happens I would love to know. There are still many holy people involved with the way the foundation is run I just don't agree with what they are doing. I would think Reb Shlomo would not be happy either. One of the things Reb Shlomo used to go crazy about is when people sing niggunim he brought down from shamayim the wrong way and that is exactly what some of the people I mentioned do. I could make this post much longer and go on and on about this issue but I will not right now because I want people to read this and when things are long people don't read.

I want to post one more thing. I am curious what people think about this article about a Reb Shlomo musical. If this doesn't prove my point about how Reb Shlomo has become commercialized I do not know what can. Maybe someone can fill me in, is Neshama the one commercializing everything?


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Interesting. I won't stand up for Carlbach for whatever reason. If they are really copying what they shouldn't than that isn't good but I wouldn't personally care since I am not a fan of Carlbach.

FrumWithQuestions said...

Even though you are not a Carlebach fan I would think you would stand up for him based upon what I said.

muse said...

Money makes the world go around.
It's a fact of life.

Sad that there are those who sing his music, only because they can make money from it, sort of sacraligious.

FrumWithQuestions said...

Muse- Thanks for agreeing. I wish I was in Israel to remember Reb Shlomo with the people who actually care about his neshama instead of people who just care about their wallets.

yitz said...

Hi, FWQ: I like your post! Hope you have seen mine here as well.
As to your points, I don't know who Heshy Broyde is, but Yehuda Green goes WAY back with Reb Shlomo, is a fabulous singer, and one who sings with the "soul" that Reb Shlomo put into his niggunim.
Regarding some of the others, I would have to agree with this point made by Blog in Dm: ...there is a "scene" of musicians who play events throughout the year for the Carlebach Shul, often for little or no remuneration, and it's a little sad that the Carlebach Shul feels it has to go to "name" Brooklyn performers for their big events, rather than showcasing their own.
Yes, it seems that it was a decision of the Shul, in order to bring in a larger crowd, as "name" performers usually attract more people. Supply and demand.
Regarding the Musical, I happen to know the producer, Danny Wise, for many years. He and his family GO WAY BACK with Reb Shlomo, beginning with his mom, who probably knew Reb Shlomo before Danny was born [or at least, when he was a young boy]! So I wouldn't be so quick to criticize that one.
If you want to meet some authentic Carlebach people in the NYC area, please e-mail me for details.

FrumWithQuestions said...

Yitz- I understand what you are saying about the musical but I don't understand why it is neccessary. That is an example I was using on how Reb Shlomo has become commercialized and I don't know if Reb Shlomo would want a musical about himself. The people producing this might be holy, I just question why there is a need for it. There was an article in the NY Jewish Week when the whole idea was brought up about the musical and how Jason Alexander from Seinfeld was going to be Reb Shlomo. The whole thing in my opinion is rediculous. Like I told Blog Dm is that the real Chevra that used to run the show at the Carlebach shul are no longer there and left for many of the reasons I mentioned. Reb Sammy is no longer there and Reb Stepansky is no longer there. The whole atmosphere there is not the same and that is evident by the concert they had for Reb Shlomos Yartzeit and the Teaneck chevra is going in the same path.

yitz said...

I think before judging, you have to see what the results are. If the musical is a good one, and a fairly accurate presentation of his life, why should I care if someone makes a few bucks over it? For example, after Reb Shlomo's passing, two very good books came out: "Holy Brother" by Yitta Halberstam-Mandelbaum, and "Reb Shlomoleh" by Meshulam Brandwine. Perhaps one could accuse them of "commercializing" Reb Shlomo, but methinks that both books are worth buying, and are a tribute to the life of Reb Shlomo. Yehi zichro Baruch! May his memory be for a blessing!

Anonymous said...

stop bitching!!

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