Thursday, February 01, 2007

Parents and Denial

One of the things common in today's overall society not exclusive to the Jewish Community is parents in denial when someone tells them there is something wrong with their child. Many teachers go through this during parent teachers conferences as well as counselors at different summer camps. I experienced this problem when I was tutoring a child in Hebrew. He had some sort of learning disability that prevented him from remembering what he was learning week to week. The mother of this child was upset because he was still at the beginning of a book when he should have been on the book at the next level. In the Jewish community this problem of parents being in denial can lead to bad things happening to children because these problems are not recognized addressed and fixed. If someone is depressed and it is not taken care of it can lead to suicide chas vishalom. If someone has a learning disability and it is not addressed a person can drop out of school due to frustration. If someone in the Jewish community has psychological problem that it is not treated it can prevent someone from recognizing G-d and the beauty the Jewish religion has to offer. Unfortunately many who are off the derech is because of issues they had that their parents were either blind to or ignored rather than addressing. I pray that the Jewish community will address this problem and be able to heal those in need of healing and help parents recognizing that they shouldn't be embarrassed if their children have problems that need to be treated.


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I couldn't agree more. My daughter has several learning issues and behavioral issues and I deal with it. It's her grandma that can't seem to deal she has to denie it and think her grandaughter is superb which she is and it's not contradiction that she is bright and has issues.

Anonymous said...


The Yated said...

Your right on the money there. People have to stop thinking about their pride and focus solely on the needs of their children. Bring back good old parenting.

Anonymous said...

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