Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is Shovavim?

Over the past month, anyone living in any Jewish neighborhood or anyone who reads any Jewish paper has seen ads for Shovavim shiurim and programs. Every year when I see this I always wonder what exactly is this. This year I remembered to ask around to see if I get a few answers. When I asked people, most people did not know. The people that did know all said the same thing. Shovavim is the acronym for the Parshas starting with Shemos. No one knew anything more than that. I emailed A Simple Jew and he replied sending me a link to this answer. I am still looking for more explanations if anyone has any. I also find it strange that groups would put out all these advertisements and many people are not even familiar with what Shovavim is.


Litvak said...

It's a Kabbalistic thing, so not surprising that the masses don't know too much about it.

Also, note that שובבים is a word in Tanach, e.g. as in שובו בנים שובבים...(return o backsliding children..) Presumably that is connected to the idea that the parshios that spell out that word have a connection to repentance.

Rafi G said...

Shovavim in hebrew is an acronym for the parshiyot of Shemot through Mishpatim (and sometimes it includes shovevim tat which includes terumah and tetzave).
Kabalisticaly these weeks are "mesugal" for repenting and for some reason specifically in the area of taharat hamishpacha..

I think they put up the signs assuming people know. nobody asks because that would mean they do not know something so basic and it makes them look ignorant..

Independent Frum Thinker said...

Just to add to the two previous comments.

Shovavim (parshiyos Shmos through Mishpatim, and in leap years is known as Shovavim Tat, to include Terumah and Tetzavah) occurs during the cold winter weeks.
It symbolizes the dark and cold depths that sinners feel mired in.
Also, these Parshiyos describe the Jews’ enslavement to freedom and becoming a nation, symbolizing the ability of every sinner to rise from the depths.
Kabalah teaches that these weeks are special times for repentance on issues of Zerah L’Vatoloh (masturbation). It has increasingly been “hijacked” for Family Purity Laws, a related but distinct issue.

s said...

Family purity is a very important mitzvah and brings blessings to the home. And so it's great to have shiurim about it

Anonymous said...

Shovavim services will be conducted at Cong. Bnai Yosef on Sun. Jan. 11,2009 at 3:30pm.

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